Depot plaques are cast aluminium plates which were fitted to locomotives to show their home depot. They came into use in 1987 as part of the Railfreight livery. They were designed by Roundel Design and Newton Replicas (Midlands) Ltd. made all of the original plates. We still have most of the original artwork so these are very faithful replicas which cannot be as accurately reproduced by anyone else.

Most depot plaques were approximately 18 inches square. A few designs were also made in a smaller size and we have started to reproduce some of these plates. If you know of a depot plaque in the smaller size please ask us about reproducing that design. We also have a some original artwork for which the patterns were destroyed but which we can accurately recreate from the artwork. Please ask if you require a design which is not listed.

Click here to see Eastfield Terrier
Click here to see Carlisle Currock Fox.

Cast in aluminium with a raised and polished logo and bead, painted black and drilled in each corner as if to be fitted to a loco.

Description Price
  • Bristol, Barton Hill - Unicorn
  • Buxton - Grindstone
  • Cardiff canton - Goat
  • Carlisle Currock - Fox
  • Crewe Diesel - Cat
  • Crewe Electric - Eagle
  • Eastfield - West highland terrier
  • Hither Green - Oast houses
  • Immingham - Star & Scroll
  • Ipswich - Suffolk Punch
  • Knottingley - Pit Winding Wheel
  • Laira - Ship
  • Motherwell - Hammer and Anvil
  • Riple Lane - Torch
  • Southampton - Ocean Liner
  • St. Blazey - Lizard
  • Stewarts Lane - Battersea Power Station
  • Stratford - Cockney Sparrow
  • Thornaby - Kingfisher
  • Tinsley - Yorkshire Rose and Bar
  • Tinsley - Rose without bar
  • Toton - Cooling Towers
  • Westbury - White Horse.