GWR Curved Nameplates - click here for class example

Produced in the original style with steel backplate and full brass beading, letters are fixed from the rear.
Prices vary according to the number of letters on the plate.

Description Price
Less than 10 letters. £880.00
10 - 12 letters. £910.00
13 - 14 letters. £940.00
Over 14 letters. £970.00
(Castle Class)
Castle Class plates without "CASTLE" in their name usually have the "CASTLE CLASS" plate attached under the name. Where this is the case, there is an extra charge for this plate.

GWR County Class Straight Nameplates - click here for class example

These plates are made as left hand side plates, i.e. without the extension for the reversing gear on the right hand side.
They are fully finished with brass beading.

Description Price
72" (5 or 6 letters) £660.00
78" (7 or 8 letters) £690.00
87" (9,10 or 11 letters) £730.00

GWR Combined Name/Number Plates

Description Price
Cast in brass, polished and painted. £520.00

GWR Cabsides - click here for class example

Cast in brass, polished, and painted black and green with orange coach-line.

Description Price
Three figures. £340.00
Four figures. £380.00